FAQ – Military Students


Please click on the boxes below to learn answers to some of the Levene GSB’s most commonly asked questions.

Can I receive recognition for military courses and training?

Yes! The Levene Graduate School of Business at the University of Regina grants degree credit for military courses and training. You may request a complete assessment of how military credit and credit received from other sources may apply to a Levene Graduate Business degree program. Please send your Military Member’s Record Resume (MPRR) and copies of other post-secondary transcripts to levene.advising@uregina.ca

What are credit hours?

Credit hours are used to describe the value of a university course. A term course, usually requiring four months of study (e.g. September to December) normally equates to three (3) credit hours. For example, a Levene MBA consists of 33 credit hours or 10 courses.

Where do I take my exams?

Exams are class specific and vary by delivery method. Please consult the course outlines, or contact the course instructor.

What if my military duties do not allow me to take my exam as planned?

Students may contact Levene office and apply for a deferral

How can I get reimbursed for my tuition and books?

For serving members Regular and Reserve:
Contact your Education/Personnel Services Officer at your Base or Wing for more information regarding education benefits for serving members including Individual Learning Plan program (ILP) . Prior to any academic reimbursement ILP approval must be received by the member, no exceptions. For more information access the following resources:

For Veterans. Contact Veterans Affairs Canada to determine your eligilibty for the Education and Traning Benefits.

What if military duty or deployment interrupts my studies?

As a military member, the University of Regina makes provision for you to withdraw from courses and receive a full refund when you provide documentation regarding unexpected military duty that interrupts your university studies

What if my military duties cause me to be late submitting an assignment?

The course instructor has full authority over whether to accept a late assignment. Most are very understanding. Contact your instructor before the due date of the assignment, preferably as soon as you realize that you will be late.

What does a course cost and how do I pay?

Current course fees are found
Levene.advising@uregina.ca if you require assistance determining program costs. Once you have registered for a course, the exact tuition amount owing is available in your Fee Account through UR Self Service

Textbooks costs are separate from tuition costs, and vary from course to course.